Management Team

Shanna Parry


Nationality : USA

Shanna is the Senior Managing Partner and Co-Founder of education management company Global Services in Education.
Shanna is renowned for outstanding achievements both as an educational leader and author of engaging and innovative curricula. Combining her passions for teaching and travel, she has since worked throughout the USA, Middle East, South East Asia, India and China serving as a director, headmaster and consultant.
In 2018 and 2019 Shanna was identified as top 30 in the Education category for Global Gurus among some of the worlds leading Education experts including Sir Ken Robinson, Eric Jensen, John Hattie and Robert J Marzano. Shanna continues to travel extensively to meet the demands for her consulting expertise in administrative and teacher development, curriculum writing and language programs.
Shanna has continually delivered exceptional results for increasing and improving student achievement in all key areas, including language development, reading proficiency and writing skills.

Duncan Douglas


Nationality : United Kingdom

Graduating from the University of Stirling, U.K., Duncan has been working and travelling around the world in countries such as China, Australia, Canada, Vietnam & Malaysia. Immediately after University Duncan moved to Beijing to take up a role as marketing manager, before moving into the education sector back in his native U.K. Over the years Duncan has served in a wide range of roles in School Administration Assistant, School Language Assistant and SEN Co-coordinator.
In 2017 Duncan began working with Global Services in Education (GSE) on school start up projects. He then became a Project Manager as a key part of the senior management team, leading several new school projects.
With his expertise in marketing, admissions and business administration, and with firm knowledge in a range of different curriculums, Duncan is skilled in new school set up and operations.

Greg Parry


Nationality : Australia

Greg is the CEO & Co-Founder of educational management company, Global Services in Education.
Internationally renowned for this expertise in education leadership, Greg’s vast experience includes high-level positions with secondary and vocational institutions throughout Australia, the Middle East, South East Asia, the USA, India and China.
A robust leader and dedicated educator, Greg’s various positions at these institutes of learning include: CEO, Director, Headmaster and Consultant.
Recognised for this numerous contributions in the education arena, Greg has received the Ministers Award for Excellence in School Leadership based on improvements in school performance and a range of successful principal training and leadership development programs, as well as the School of Excellence Award for Industry/School Partnerships and the School of Excellence Award for Technology Innovation.
Considered on the of the premier experts in his profession, Greg has trained teacher and principals throughout the world in areas such as critical thinking, language development and leadership. His expertise in school start up projects, leadership and curriculum development, has made him a sought after authority in these disciplines.

Samira Al Saja

Business Development

Nationality : Saudi Arabia

Dr. Samirah Alsaja is an exceptional professional who has devoted her life to positively impacting the world. She has over 20 years of experience in child education and developing kindergarten curricula, bringing about a transformative change in the lives of numerous children and their families. Her passion for teaching and mentoring personnel to realize their full potential has touched many hearts over the past 35 years. Her distinguished performance and 17+ year tenure in the banking industry have earned her the admiration of her colleagues. Samirah’s distinctive blend of skills in education, human resources, and banking sets a precedent for all of us to emulate.